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Oven Cleaning in Finchley N3

Deep cleaning your oven is one of those chores that are extremely important, however, takes so much time and effort that you probably keep postponing it for next week. Well, if you have been avoiding cleaning your appliance for over a year then it’s time to contact us and let our team of experts take care of the mess for you. Enjoy your free time with friends or family while we ensure your oven is spotless!
Our team is fully trained and experienced plus they apply genius cleaning methods and have equipment and detergents that provide excellent results in no time. They will make sure your oven is free of any burnt food, grease, stains, and all sorts of other impurities that have been building up over the years. Why spend hours scrubbing when you can have the pros do it for you in just minutes? We’re sure you will love the sparkling results plus our prices are affordable and you can benefit from incredible discounts.

This service includes the following:

  • Disassembling the removable parts then soaking them in hot water and powerful detergent
  • Deep cleaning (scrubbing, wiping) both the interior and the exterior of your oven with proper tools and detergents
  • Scrubbing all the removable parts
  • Assembling everything back together
  • Checking whether the oven works properly

Once our team has finished the service and your oven is spotless, you can immediately use it again. You don’t have to wait for it to dry nor will there be any residue of the detergent. Your oven will be clean, disinfected, and ready to be used again!

As an additional service, you can also book our Microwave cleaning or even a hob and extractor cleaning so you can get the best deal of your Oven Cleaning Service!

Give a look at our prices and testimonials and then give us a call on 07418 354 163 so we can calculate an exact price for you then book you for the date and time you want!